Short Story About Our Company

SEARCH7 is a Gold Coast-based company that offers a formula of professional online services, uniquely crafted to address your business needs and opportunities. Our comprehensive skill sets and extensive experience allow us to provide insights and transformative services to help strengthen your business’s online presence.

Our mission is to help businesses have a well-designed website with a strong SEO foundation to make them thrive. We have a solid background as a result of being part of a team that has developed world-class search engines. The stream of knowledge we possess with regards to how a search engine thinks and operates has enabled us to create smart SEO and SEM strategies that increase website traffic and the visitor/customer conversion rate.

Our pricing is fair and competitive, and yet we deliver excellent quality. We take our time and we take care in building a beautiful and effective website. Being passionate about our work, we can’t wait to partner with you in building your next website.