Welcome to Search7

Search7 is an Australian based search technology company specializing in providing Federated Search and Enterprise Search products and services focused on integration, configuration, performance optimization, customization, deployment, maintenance, support, and training. Our senior search engineer has over twelve years of experience in developing and providing search solutions.

We have been providing search products and services to clients both in Australia and the USA. Search7 has built its reputation on the core values of commitment, integrity, honesty, trust and excellence.

We are Federated Search experts providing solutions based on our own products as well as the Autonomy Federator. Federated search is an important technology for companies that have a need to simultaneously search multiple internal and external repositories through a single interface. The search query goes through a sequence of pre-processing modules, then sent to the desired internal and external content sources, with the results going through a configurable sequence of post-processing modules before the most-relevant content is presented back to the user.

The Search7 team provides expert consulting services for the Autonomy IDOL and Apache Lucene/Solr and related technologies.

We have extensive experience in the art of finding relevant information that is often in difficult to access repositories, and providing the results in a way that can be easily consumed and manipulated. We strive for excellence in quality and communication, and customer satisfaction.

Please contact us to learn how we can help your organization benefit from our Federated Search and Enterprise Search solutions.